New doctor, dentist, vets, pizza delivery and what to do about ‘church’……

Crossroads in life are inevitable and the approach road can be fairly bumpy.

I saw an email coming through the other night..  the new moon in Israel has been sighted.. now I can calculate when Sukkot 2016 begins (and ends)…

We have come a long way in 30 years, from that fateful day in a company cafeteria with a beloved sister-in-Christ, when we stumbled for the very first time upon the word ‘Sukkot’ and asked the Father for clarification.

In those days of course, there was no internet, the only literature around was Christian, and it never occurred to either of us to approach a ‘Jewish’ person to help.  Indeed such was our ignorance, I can see us now….. what on earth would a Jewish person know about our Bible?

OOOOOOO the shame.  Indeed the pride and conceit – it really doesn’t bear thinking about.

Eventually, of course, being a HUGE fan of the Old Testament I stumbled across Jeremiah…

A New Covenant
32 not like the covenant which I made with their fathers in the day I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, My covenant which they broke, although I was a husband to them,” declares the LORD. 33“But this is the covenant which I will make with the house of Israel after those days,” declares the LORD, “I will put My law within them and on their heart I will write it; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. 34“They will not teach again, each man his neighbour and each man his brother, saying, ‘Know the LORD,’ for they will all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them,” declares the LORD, “for I will forgive their iniquity, and their sin I will remember no more.”…

Jeremiah 31:33

What a truly interesting concept….  “I will put My law within them….  and on their heart I will write it “… and in the 80’s many Christian’s embraced and actively sought out this blessing…. and so, because in all the time since I first committed my life to Jesus, the Father has never failed me, has always been with me and is endlessly patient with me and as we wait for the keys of our new home, Husband and I have begun to explore the area we are moving to…..   and the key question once the other issues of – where’s the nearest post office, doctors, dentist, vets, supermarket, pizza delivery place have been resolved – comes the question of a messianic community…..  the nearest one is in Nottingham.

And at this point Husband and I have come to an interesting crossroads – Husband has actually come to enjoy his ‘blobby day’….. we don’t drive anywhere, we don’t go out, we don’t spend money – mainly – and on the occasions where we have to – both of us know that our forthcoming week will be awful… so the thought of having to drive anywhere on a Saturday does NOT appeal.

There is, we have found, a very active (read charismatic) church community around 10 minutes walk from where will be ….  and for ohh the space of 20 minutes I thought we had a long last found a ‘spiritual home’ for us both…  then reality set in.  Not only will they ‘do’ Christmas, but they will ‘do’ Easter and a whole host of other practices that have grown up and become ‘norm’ passed onto them by the Catholic church.

Husband’s teddy is truly out the pram… have to say mine was wafted in the air a fair bit.  But I can’t do it. I can’t join in with their Christmas, nor their Easter.  It’s not what is on my heart.  My heart is elsewhere and I can’t even begin to explain. Except probably I can.

It’s a question of ‘tents’ and having a small modicum of patience.

with love Ahavah xx

ps… if any of you have been camping and have tried to put up a big tent – you will know exactly what I am talking about….


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