Sturgeon Moon or Harvest Moon?

Did you seen the moon last night?  Indeed the night before as well.  It was bit hard to miss really.  It lit up our bedroom like we had left the light on…  not much of a surprise really all things considered.

The ‘Sturgeon Moon’ or ‘supermoon’ seen on Saturday and Sunday (29 and 30th) of August is the first one of three consecutive supermoons happening this year.  For those of us living in the UK the August full moon may also be known as the ‘Harvest’ Moon… as it bathed the land in so much light it allowed the farmers of old to work throughout the night gathering in crops.

Is there a connection, I wonder with the forthcoming autumnal feasts of our Heavenly Father?


with love  Ahavah xx


For further reading:

Sturgeon Moon 2015 rises: Stunning supermoon lights up Saturday night sky (PHOTOS)



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