Yes I know it’s rather late to be up….

Isaiah 44:5

“One will say, “I belong to Adonai.” Another will be called by the name of Ya’akov. Yet another will write that he belongs to Adonai and adopt the surname Isra’el.”

Pondering the Portion: Parashah 40: Balak

Originally Published on my website in Jul 9, 2008 Torah Portion: B’midbar (Numbers)  22:2 – 25:9 Haftarah: Mikhah (Micah) 5:6(7) – 6:8 Suggested readings for the B’rit Hadashah (New Covenant): 2 Kefa (2 Peter) 2:1-22; Y’hudah (Jude) 11; Revelation 2:14-15 Click on the links to hear the Torah portions chanted in Hebrew.  Alternatively visit […]

Dovetailing Nicely

I think one of my major struggles is that I am somewhat of a book junky… perhaps though it has had a postive effect in that I am quite at home reading Torah commentaries from a very eclictic mix of Rabbis, teachers, et al. I am slowly learning to be somewhat selective, and find that […]