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Sacred Name King James Bible

As the King James Version of the Bible is the most widely accepted text in the English speaking world, it has been made the framework for the restoration of the Sacred Names for the Bible student. Whenever a Sacred Name is used, it has
been placed in all capital letter, so as to be evident in the text. ….. read more.


from :

On-Line Sacred Name Versions of the Bible – click on
Sacred Name King James

Scriptures (Dr Koster)

World English Bible – Uses ‘Yahveh’ in
the Old Testament & ‘Jesus’ in the New Testament

World English Bible –
Uses English transliteration of the Hebrew names for the Bible Books,
prophets & places, but ‘LORD’ for the Name of God

World English Bible –
Uses ‘Yeshua’ in the New Testament.

The Tanach in Hebrew

Favourite Jewish Resources

Navigating the Bible II

Is an online bar/bat mitzvah tutor.

It is a journey into the world of the Jewish Bible.

Study the portions. Hear the melodies.  Follow the themes and learn what the scholars say.
Explore it as a history – literature – religion:

A multitude of paths awaits you.

Azamra: Torah for Our Time:  Know Your Bible

AZAMRA is dedicated to global outreach to Jews and Gentiles through Internet, quality publications and educational programs promoting the study and practice of Torah, healthy lifestyle, environmental responsibilty and the pursuit of peace.

Founded in 1986 by Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum, the Azamra Institute is registered as non-profit organization in Israel, Britain, Canada and USA.

Favourite Christian Resources

Net Bible Learning Environment

Welcome to the beta release of’s new NET Bible Learning Environment™ featuring the NET BIBLE® translation including 60,932 translators’ notes.

The NET Bible ™ Learning Environment leads the way for a new generation of online Bible study and research tools. It offers a vast and growing library of trustworthy content all integrated into an easy-to-use online environment. This puts high quality Bible study tools and resources within reach of the whole world without charge – a price all pastors, missionaries, Bible teachers and individuals can afford.

The NET Bible ™ Learning Environment offers the most comprehensive set of free resources available online, including commentaries, articles, word studies, original biblical languages and cross references all integrated into a system that empowers you to carefully study the Word of God and to prepare your teaching lessons quickly.

We invite you to use in your personal devotional and study time. We pray it will prove useful as you learn and grow in your faith. We also invite you to provide us with your feedback (bottom of each page) to help us improve the functionality and usability of these tools.

Scripture for All:

Hebrew (and Greek) Interlinear Bible Software: provides a powerful, sophisticated Interlinear that is free, fast and easy to use.  Helps to overcome the language barrier and get in touch with the original

Parallel Hebrew Old Testament:  Compares the Old Testament written in Modern Hebrew, Paleo-Hebrew and a variety of English Translations

My Favourite Rabbis


The Harvest, Kehilat T’nuvah: The Harvest is our first ‘home’ that we visit and still continue to visit today.  The congregation follow the Rabbinical Calendar.

If you are a Christian looking to come out of the Church as you know it – this is probably the loveliest and safest site around.  Their resident Torah Teacher – Ariel ben Lyman explains some of the very difficult concepts in an easy to understand manner.  His teachings cover all of the important things a new-to-Torah observant person needs to know.

Wild Olive:

Is one of the few sites that explores the relationship between Christianity and Judaism and for that reason I have left the link in.

Messianic Education Trust

An educational charity based in England.


Singapore Messianic Fellowship Group

Despite its name ‘Messianic’ – this group of believers, in my view come firmly under the mantle of ‘Nazarene’ believers rather than merely Messianic.  Their calendar is set in Spring AFTER the Vernal Equinox has taken place.

Wellsprings of Torah

We are pursuing the Jewish signature of worship, as Yeshua (Jesus) lived and practiced with his disciples. We recognize that the Church did not exist at that time in the established form that we know it now. There were no Catholics, Baptists or Charismatic’s. There was only Judaism, and Yeshua expressed the power of that piety with complete conformity to God by practicing the principles presented in Torah (Sefroth Moshe, the Books of Moses — being Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy)….. read more


Aish HaTorah

Explore Judaism, Jewish holidays spirituality, and what it means to be Jewish with Rabbi Noah Weinberg, who founded Aish HaTorah in 1974.

Since its launch in February 2000, has become the world’s largest Jewish content website, logging millions of monthly user sessions with 270,000 unique email subscribers.

We’ve published over 10,000 articles — on career, dating, parenting, spirituality, Israel events — offering “wisdom for living” for the modern world.’s goal is to give every Jew the opportunity to discover their heritage in an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect.  Read more …

The word “Chabad” is a Hebrew acronym for the three intellectual faculties of: chachmah-wisdom, binah-comprehension and da’at-knowledge. The movement’s system of Jewish religious philosophy, the deepest dimension of G-d’s Torah, teaches understanding and recognition of the Creator, the role and purpose of Creation, and the importance and unique mission of each Creature. This philosophy guides a person to refine and govern his and her every act and feeling through wisdom, comprehension and knowledge.  Read More….

Orthodox Union

An outstanding site that is a great resource concerning contemporary orthodox Jewish observance.  Two of my all time favourite Rabbis are listed amongst on this site:  Rabbi Shalom Rosner and Rabbi Johnathon Sacks (who just happens to be the Chief Rabbi here in the UK)

Shamash:  The Jewish Network

Shamash strives to be the highest quality central point of Jewish information and discussion on the Internet. Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art Internet tools to Jewish organizations and individuals who maintain discussion forums for the benefit of the Jewish community.

I am researching a lot of other sites for inclusion on this page.  If you have a website that you feel would be of some interest – then please contact me.  My email can be found on my profile page.


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